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Who We Are

We are Texas Cash Home Buyers. Our goal is to help you sell your house in the most stress-free experience possible. We understand that for some sellers and for certain situations, it can already be difficult selling a home while juggling the struggles of everyday life. So we want to be your options when you want to sell fast and with little to no money out of your pocket.


Recent reviews of people who decided to give us a shot
"We had to relocate for a job but they wanted me to start asap. i started looking for ways to get rid of my house fast and found Home Swiftly. I decided to see what they could do and they ended up helping me sell in 2 weeks!"


"I was nervous to sell to a cash buyer but when I read their company story, i knew he was honest and shared similar struggles to others that need to sell a house quickly. In the end  they did everything for us and were very caring throughout the process"


"I had inherited a house that was just ugly and needed repairs left and right. The stress of having to negotiate for a house i didn't want seemed like it wasn't worth my time. I found HomeSwiftly, they seemed honest and empathetic, and they helped me sell fast and easy like they said they would!"


Here's how to sell your house fast in Texas

A cash offer from us means that you won’t be dealing with buyers trying to constantly negotiate or strangers walking in at random times to look at the house. We give you the cash offer and you work with us (the buyer) directly so that you know exactly what you’re receiving on the closing date that works best for you.

Easy Steps


Have a Chat Over the Phone

We gather some basic information and learn a bit more about what you need to see how we can best help you


Give you a Cash Offer

Next, we give you a no-obligation cash offer. Our goal is to help you leave the house that may be causing you wasted energy and move to activities that bring you joy


Pick up your Monies at Closing

We find a closing date that works for you so you can pick up your cash. 
I'm Ready!

Situations we can help you overcome

Property-related  Problems

  • Vacant House
  • Tenant issues
  • House needs lots of repairs
  • Little/no Equity
  • Foreclosure
  • Damage Property

Situations Beyond the Property

  • Divorce
  • Loss of a loved one/Probate
  • Job-relocation
  • Need to downsize
  • Financial Hardship/Job Loss
  • Health Issues

What it's like Selling with Us

No Showings or Staging

Avoid Dealing with Buyers

No Repairs

No Closing Costs

No Commissions

No Waiting to Find a Buyer

How Selling As-Is Makes It Simple and Fast:

  • No repairs or money spent on repairs
  • Avoid closing costs
  • No headaches or energy wasted just to please potential buyers

We Help You Avoid the Typical Fees of Selling your House with a Realtor

  • Agent Commissions
  • Title Insurance
  • Title Search
  • Recording Fees
  • Seller Concessions

Why We Made a Home Buying Company?

image of founder in front of red brick wall of a house in Texas
The year was 2014, I had just graduated from high school and was attending community college. Everything in life seemed fine. I was going to school and my parents were working and helping me devote my time to my classes. Then, light day and night, my dad was in a difficult situation and owning the home was nearly impossible. The bigger issue was we wanted to sell the home because we needed cash asap, and agents were telling us it was going to take about 4 months. But we needed cash now; not in 2 months. So we talked to a family member and realized we could sell to him and he could give us the cash in 7 days. That’s when I knew there was a need for these kinds of services.

It may not be the most luxurious experience or the coolest thing to talk about, but when you need cash now or don’t have the time or energy to take on a traditional selling process, we can help by taking on some of those challenges that may be stressing you out.

You may need cash asap or you have too many things going on that the last thing you want is to worry about another headache on your to-do list. My goal is to help you focus on what matters to you and let us worry about the challenges your house has.

At the end of the day, We Buy Houses Fast in The Lone Star State!

Get a Cash Offer from a Texas home buyer

Plain and simple. That’s our goal. We know people want to live their life doing what they value. Sometimes, it’s not the time and energy spent selling a house. Let us worry about that!
map of texas with founder in bottom left looking to buy houses fast

What we’ve learned from people who come to us?

  • Most sellers want to be treated fairly and feel respected throughout the process.
  • They want to feel confident the person they sell to can perform on their promise to close quickly and for a fair price
  • They’re stressed about the uncertainties of selling a house and want a secure option.

What We Love About Working in Texas

With an estimated population of around 30 million and 25 metro areas, there is plenty to explore and learn from everyone living in this enormous state. This also means that we have the opportunity to help as many homeowners as we can that are looking for a fast property sale. As a Texas native, I enjoy being here to see how Texas is changing, while always experiencing its strong economy and business-friendly environment. Let's not forget the Texas charm and culture, ranging from tacos to bbq joints and rodeos like the one in Fort Worth to more mainstreams events like Austin City Limits.

What’s the Best Way to Sell My House?

At the end of the day, we know not one size fits all. Your needs will determine what's best for you and if you feel what you need fits our service, we’re more than happy to help you with our stress-free, no-obligation cash offer. This helps you decide a closing date to pick up your cash offer at closing, giving you the freedom to sell on your terms.
happy couple in front of house to sell fast

No-Obligation Offer

Learn what it's like to sell the fast and easy way!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the advantages of selling my house for cash instead of listing it on the market?

Selling your house for cash offers several advantages, including a faster sale, a simplified process with fewer complications, the ability to sell in any condition, and the avoidance of listing fees and commissions. It also provides greater certainty and a more guaranteed closing, allowing you to move on with your plans more quickly.

How is the closing process different when selling for cash compared to a traditional sale?

The closing process for a cash sale is typically simpler and faster compared to a traditional sale. Since cash buyers don't rely on financing, there is no need for appraisal contingencies, loan approvals, or potential delays due to buyer financing issues. The closing can often be completed within days or weeks, offering a more efficient and streamlined experience.

Do I need to make any repairs or clean up my house before selling?

One of the advantages of selling your house for cash is that you can sell it as-is, without the need for repairs or extensive cleanup. We, as Cash buyers, are accustomed to purchasing properties in various conditions, so there is typically no requirement for you to make any repairs or improvements.
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or call us at 214-881-xxxx

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